Visual AIDS artist grant and Savoy Hotel artist residency.

In early July i graciously received the Visual AIDS artist grant from I am inspired to purchase a new large self healing cutting mat for creating my sculptures and investing in more casting supplies to explore a new body of work.

With my residency on Governor's Island with LMCC just ending and both my dogs of 14 yrs. and 17 yrs. passing, it is time for a vacation.  I have not left NYC in almost 5 years.  Dreaming of an affordable yet still working vacation i searched online for a residency/vacation opportunity.

Through craigslist i discovered a little hotel on the border of Colorado and New Mexico offering an affordable monthly rate and studio space options.  Almost too good to be true i am leaving August 4th to do my independent study residency.  Where i will be in a local exhibition, explore my heritage in New Mexico, create some works and execute a series of self portraits with my new Rolleiflex Twin Lens Camera and curate an online exhibition for visual aids.  Excited to travel and have time to miss my dogs in the comfort of the vast desert.