Why Reconnection Residency? My Indiegogo Campaign

With the rounding out of 2014 comes the end of an era.  The challenges surrounding my year were life changing to say the least.  The passing of my two companions of 14 and 17 years was equally devastating as it was empowering.  For I had built a career with my dogs at my side as an artist over their lifetimes.  Inspiring me, keeping me active and teaching me unconditional love is how i will always see them.

What does the passing of my dogs have to do with my Indiegogo Campaign?  There passing allows me the freedom to even consider an international artist residency.  This campaign takes all the career building i have done with them at my side and uses it to propel my career into the next level. In my mind there is a connection to the loss of my family "my dogs" to creating space for a new connection to be made.  The opportunity to go this residency at Arquetopia in Oaxaca,  Mexico is allowing me to reconnect to my grandmother, my childhood and my heritage.  It is interesting that for one door to open another has to close.

Please help me open this next door.  Check out my campaign and make a donation!
Every Effort Counts!