Sanctifying the discarded through transformation is the way i verbalize my practice.   Discarded consumer goods illustrate the amount of waste we create everyday. The hunter gatherer style of acquiring materials, mainly from my neighborhood, lets the work be organic. Exploring the ideas of what society worships presently, when layered against the reverence of icons and ritual of our distant past, excites me.  By recreating scared and ancestral objects from present day objectified and discarded consumer goods, I utilize their place as a point of reference between these two worlds. Questioning how we make our money, and what we choose spend it on all through my process.
The natural evolution of these concepts of ritual and worship have grown to include a performative aspect to the sculptural work. The new body of triptychs tends to be more personal about my identity and it's perceptions. The duality between the tintypes and medium format photography creates some theater of it's own. Performance was my earliest medium, I continue to invite it into my practice. All of my work currently intersects at ritual and worship from how it is created to what the results yield.